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Israel’s New Laser Device Tackles Incendiary Balloons

Israeli security forces on Thur. 26 Dec. 2019 introduced the new Light Blade laser system intended to shoot down incendiary balloons, kites, and drones before they enter Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. In a series of weekly demonstrations since March 2018, along with other forms of violence, Palestinians have launched fire balloons, kites and burning rags from the Gaza Strip borders destroying thousands of acres of Israeli agricultural and forest lands. The Light Bade laser system was developed for police and the IDF by three Israeli engineers from the private sector. The laser can engage targets day or night with an effective range of 2 km. and can be installed on a small trailer or truck. Border Police chief Kobi Shabtai said that Light Blade "provides a near conclusive response to everything relating to balloons and kites, and delivers a safe and effective solution to the drone threat." The system will also be deployed along the northern border with Lebanon. (VFI News)