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Israel's New Missile Ship Arrives from Germany

At the conclusion of a long process of construction and extensive preparation in Germany, the new Saar 6 warship will run up the Israeli flag on Wednesday as it is officially transferred to the Israeli navy. It will then set out on a journey that will end with its renaming as INS Magen in its new home in the Haifa base.

The missile ship INS Magen is one of the four new Saar 6 corvettes whose purpose includes protecting Israeli gas rigs and also more broadly to protect Israel’s maritime interests and police its naval borders, an area double the landmass of Israel.

Speaking on Galei Tzahal this morning, General (Res.) David Ben Besht, formerly the Navy Commander, welcomed the acquisition of these new ships. “These ships are simply marvelous; they answer precisely to Israel’s needs, given the existing threats from Lebanon and Syria,” he said. (INN / VFI News)

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