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Israel Faces Three Attacks in One Day

"Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is with those who uphold my life." Ps. 54:4

In a pre-dawn assault on Thur. 6 Feb. 2020, a Palestinian attacker rammed his car into a group of soldiers from Israel's Golani Brigade. Twelve soldiers were injured, one seriously. The troops were visiting Jerusalem ahead of their planned swearing-in ceremony in the morning, which was delayed because of the attack but eventually went ahead that same evening. Several of the wounded soldiers, some of them on crutches, left the hospital to attend the event. Following emergency surgery, the severely wounded serviceman was said to be in stable but serious condition at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.  In a second assault, just before noon on Thursday, a man walked up to police officers on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and opened fire, lightly wounding one of them. The attacker fled on foot but was soon shot and killed by pursuing officers. By the afternoon, a third assault targeted Israeli security forces, this time a drive-by shooting on a highway near the settlement of Dolev. The gunman fled the scene to a nearby village, with Israeli troops in pursuit.  One of the bullets fired by the gunman struck the helmet of an IDF soldier, but the helmet absorbed the hit and the soldier was only lightly hurt. Two members of the Palestinian security services were also killed on Thur. 6 Feb. 2020, at least one who was mistaken for a terrorist by an Israeli sniper, as violence soared amid Palestinian anger at the recently released Trump peace plan. Palestinian leaders said the violence was an inevitable result of the plan’s pro-Israel bias, while Israeli officials accused the Palestinian Authority of encouraging the attacks. The Israel Defense Forces have been on a heightened state of alert since the publication of the peace plan and have sent waves of reinforcements to Judea & Samaria. (VFI News)

Please intercede against the upsurge of terrorist attacks against Israel since the release of the USA peace plan late last month.  Pray against the principalities of hatred and violence working through Palestinian terrorist groups and supporters in Judea & Samaria and the Gaza Strip.