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Israeli Security Introduces Anti-Arson Balloon System

Explosive and incendiary devices tied to balloons have increasingly been launched over the border from Gaza in recent days. Late in January 2020, a senior Hamas official said the latest string of balloons was sent to remind Israel to ease the blockade on the territory. Hamas is a terror organization committed to the destruction of the Jewish state and has ruled Gaza since taking over the area in a bloody coup in 2007. It has since fired tens of thousands of projectiles at Israeli civilians and fought three wars with Israel. Announcing a major defensive upgrade on Thur. 6 Feb. 2020, Israeli police released information on the first operation of the "Light Blade" laser system developed by Opti-defense and the security establishment to intercept incendiary balloons. The system was able to intercept over 90% of the balloons detected in its test. It operates day and night and aims to deal with the threat of explosives and incendiary balloons with a laser beam that is launched at the target and neutralizes it without jeopardizing other elements in the area. There has been a sharp increase in violence in Gaza and Judea & Samaria following the recent release of the USA peace plan, which the Palestinians consider highly favors Israel. In an incident, last Friday afternoon, 7 Feb. 2020, the warhead of an RPG anti-tank missile connected to balloons landed in Kibbutz Ruhama, which is located near the border with Gaza. It was the sixth incendiary balloon to have landed in the Gaza envelope that same day. (VFI News)

Pray for this newly developed security measure to be put into place immediately against incendiary balloons launched from the Gaza Strip. These devices have in the recent past decimated large swaths of Israeli agricultural and nature reserve lands in the south of the country.