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Two-State Solution Could Pass Due To Rising Anti-Semitism

USA national security adviser Robert O’Brien speculated last week that the Trump administration’s peace plan “could be the last opportunity for a two-state solution” because growing anti-Semitism around the world will bring more Jews to Israel and to Judea and Samaria. O’Brien made the remarks during a speech on Wed. 5 Feb. 2020 with foreign diplomats to the USA. “The Israeli birthrate is strong and is growing because sadly anti-Semitism in Europe and other places around the world is encouraging more Jews to return to Israel. The settlements are going to continue to expand. If this freeze on settlements doesn’t hold, if this peace process doesn’t work, it may be physically impossible to have a two-state solution”, said O'Brien.

Palestinian Authority leaders have angrily rejected the long-awaited "Deal of the Century" plan. The proposal would create a demilitarized Palestinian state on less land than the Palestinians claim and allow Israel to annex all Jewish communities and the Jordan Valley, which Israel considers a security necessity. The fact that the proposal has been rejected by Palestinians is no surprise. Trump’s vision fell short of the Palestinian Authority’s demands for a sovereign state controlling all the territory in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, with a capital in East Jerusalem, and recognition of the “right of return” for millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel. But those demands were always unrealistic and posed unacceptable risks to Israeli security. The Palestinians’ “all or nothing” negotiating stance has left them with nothing that gives hope for a better future. Now they are turning their backs on Trump’s vision, despite the potential economic benefits it offers. Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates sent their ambassadors to the White House rollout event and joined Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in appealing to the Palestinians to consider the initiative as a framework for negotiations. (VFI News)