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Hundreds of Israelis Stuck in Russia, Ukraine, UK Due to Airport Closure

Hundreds of Israelis are stranded in Russia, Ukraine, and the UK and are unable to return to Israel, despite having entry permits. There are no direct flights to Tel Aviv, and passengers face financial, health, and logistical difficulties using the only connecting flight through Frankfurt.

On Monday, the government reduced the number of people who can enter the country per day from 600 to 200.

There reportedly are about 90 Israelis stuck in Kiev with permission from the Transportation Ministry’s Exceptions Committee to return, and another 40 are waiting for a permit.

In Moscow, there are said to be some 150 Israeli citizens who have received permission to return and about 50 waiting for a permit. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you watch over and protect those who are stranded far from home.”