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USA Ready to Supply Belarus With 100% of Gas, Oil

USA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Saturday 1 Feb. 2020 that the United States is willing and able to provide Belarus with 100% of its oil and gas needs, taking aim at Russia which recently cut off supplies. Pompeo, the first secretary of state to visit Belarus in 26 years, arrived in Minsk last week amid new tensions between Minsk and Moscow over energy. In a meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko, Pompeo said, “The United States wants to help Belarus build its own sovereign country. Our energy producers stand ready to deliver 100% of the oil you need at competitive prices. We’re the biggest energy producer in the world and all you have to do is call us.” Belarus fears Russia is trying to absorb it and last month began purchasing gas from Norway after Russian supplies were cut off. Pompeo said the USA wants to help fill the vacuum and will continue to boost staffing at its embassy in Minsk, which was severely reduced 12 years ago when the USA imposed significant sanctions on the country over human rights abuses. The two countries agreed in September 2019 to exchange ambassadors for the first time since 2008. Pompeo said a new USA ambassador would be named soon. (Times of Israel)