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Hamas operatives surrounding themselves with children to prevent the IDF from firing at them

Hamas Operatives Surround Themselves with Children

IDF soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip filmed Hamas operatives surrounding themselves with children to prevent the IDF from firing at them.

Leading online activist Ella Kenan, who shared the photo, commented: “A photo taken today in Gaza shows how Hamas-ISIS terrorists walk the streets surrounded by children, which they use as human shields in order to prevent the IDF from attacking them!”

“This battle between these Jihadists, Islamic fundamentalists can’t be decided until Egypt and other countries around the world will take the people of Gaza and let Israel fight the Jihad terror.”

The Southern Command continues to expand its operational activities in additional neighborhoods in the area of the Gaza Strip and conducts such activity in the areas of Zaytun, Jabalya, and Beit Lahia to target terrorists and strike Hamas infrastructure.

Further, the IDF spokesperson said Sunday, November 19, that the IDF has killed numerous Hamas terrorists and destroyed Hamas infrastructure throughout the weekend, as it hit the Gaza-based terror organization from the air, sea, and land, with both naval and aircraft operating in tandem with Israeli ground forces. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray for the innocent Gazan civilians who are exploited by Hamas terrorists and are forced to remain in places where strikes occur. We ask that You please protect and guide them so that they can find a haven to rest. We hope that our military forces will soon emerge victorious and eliminate all the terrorists who have wreaked havoc in our country and committed indescribable atrocities against our people.”

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