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Nikki Haley: No One Mourning Soleimani Except The Democrats

Congressional Democrats and 2020 presidential candidates have slammed USA President Donald Trump for the drone strike on Friday 3 Jan. 2020 that killed the Iranian military leader responsible for hundreds of American deaths in the Middle East. Among the political and military leaders in the USA and across the globe who have highly endorsed Trump’s move to eliminate Soleimani is former USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Haley said this week that the Democratic leadership and 2020 presidential candidates are “the only ones mourning” the death of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. “I’ll tell you this: You don’t see anyone standing up for Iran. You’re not hearing any of the Gulf members, you’re not hearing China, you’re not hearing Russia,” said Haley. “The only ones mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat presidential candidates. You go tell that to the 608 American families who lost a loved one,” continued the former South Carolina governor. “Go tell that to the military members who lost a limb. This was something that needed to be done, and should be celebrated.” Democrats have argued that the strike will lead to war in the Middle East and that Trump should have sought congressional authorization, but Haley said that Soleimani’s death “should be celebrated.” (VFI News)

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