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Iran to Reach Nuclear Military Capabilities in Two Years

Against the background of this month’s escalating concerns about the possibility of war in the Middle East following Iran’s shooting down of a civilian passenger jet and the USA targeted-killing of the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, tensions have been driven even higher following the publication of a security assessment by Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate. The report released this week predicts Iranian nuclear weapons within two years. Tehran announced on Sunday 5 Jan. 2020 that it would no longer abide by any of the negotiated restrictions placed on its uranium enrichment. This has followed other breaches by the Islamic Republic, including, perhaps most significantly, the resumption of nuclear activities at the underground Fordow facility. In the wake of Iran’s most recent violations of the 2015 Nuclear Deal, European countries on Tue.15 Jan. 2020 triggered a dispute mechanism in their nuclear agreement with Iran, a move that could lead to the return of United Nations sanctions on Tehran. Britain, France and Germany said that they had been "left with no choice" but to make the move. (VFI/Media Line)

Pray that UN sanctions on Iran will indeed be reinstated.