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Dutch PM Apologizes For Holland’s Part In The Holocaust

In a first by a sitting prime minister in the Netherlands, PM Mark Rutte has apologized for how his kingdom’s wartime government failed its Jews. Some 75% of the 140,000 Jews who lived in the Netherlands prior to the Holocaust were murdered by German Nazis and their local collaborators. The Dutch police under Nazi occupation and the national railway company were widely involved in hunting down Jews and transporting them to death camps and concentration camps. Rutte, on Sunday 26 Jan. 2020 during a Holocaust commemoration, offered “apologies for the government of those days, while the last survivors are still with us.” That government, he said, “failed is in its responsibility as a provider of justice and security” for Dutch Jews.  France, Belgium and Luxembourg have officially apologized for their authorities’ roles in the systemic annihilation of Jews. It is fair to note, that during World War ll, the Netherlands had a strong resistance movement and the second-largest number of Righteous Among the Nations - the designation reserved for non-Jews who were recognized by Israel for risking their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust.  (VFI News)

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