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Netanyahu: A Lesson the Holocaust Taught Us

Speaking to a group of world dignities from around the world on Thur. 23 Jan. 2020, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, "Your presence in Jerusalem honors the memory of the six million victims of the Holocaust. Israel and the Jewish people thank you. Israel is eternally grateful for the immense sacrifice that was made by the allies, by the peoples and the soldiers, to defeat the Nazis and save our common civilization. Without that sacrifice, there would be no survivors today. Yet we also remember that some 80 years ago, when the Jewish people faced annihilation, the world largely turned its back on us. For the Jewish people, Auschwitz is the ultimate symbol of Jewish powerlessness. It is the culmination of what can happen when our people have no voice, no land, no shield. The Jewish people have learned the lessons of the Holocaust: always to take seriously the threats of those who seek our destruction; to confront threats when they are small, and above all to always have the power to defend ourselves by ourselves." (Prime Minister's Office/VFI News)