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‘Corner Of God’s Altar’ Among Top Archaeology Finds In 2019

A horn that was discovered in the town of Shiloh during August 2019 by a team of 200 archaeologists and volunteers won second place on the 2019 list of the Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology. The horn is believed to be one of the four corners of God's ancient altar, as described in the biblical book of Kings: "When the news reached Joab, who had conspired with Adonijah although not with Absalom, he fled to the tent of the Lord and took hold of the horns of the altar," reads the passage in 1 Kings 2:28. The tabernacle housing the Ark of the Covenant once stood in the area of Shiloh, according to the biblical account. Binyamin Council head, Israel Gantz, congratulated the archaeological team members for their discoveries and achievements. “Such important findings, give us, again and again, a clear proof of the roots of the Jewish people in our promised land," said Gantz. (VFI News)

“Your servants take pleasure in her stones, and show favor to her dust.” Ps. 102:14