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Argentine Federal Judiciary Extends Freeze of Hezbollah Funds

Argentina’s federal judiciary last week froze Hezbollah’s finances for an additional year.

According to a report in La Nacion, the court “froze the funds for Hezbollah; its external security organization, Islamic Jihad; its boss, Hassan Nasrallah; Salman El Reda, who faces an arrest warrant for the AMIA attack; and the Barakat clan, the family of merchants based in the Triple Frontier who are accused of money laundering and terrorist financing.”

In 1994, a joint Iranian-Hezbollah operation blew up the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Arias, resulting in the deaths of 85 people and wounding hundreds.

“The judge who extended the Hezbollah designation should be commended because Hezbollah’s illicit finance activities continue in the country and in the tri-border area,” Toby Dershowitz, a senior vice president for government relations and strategy for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. “The key now will be to ensure aggressive enforcement so that these activities are stemmed and Hezbollah coffers that fund terrorism dry up.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You continue to make it more difficult for Hezbollah and other hateful organizations to function, and that You would show their members a better way.”