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28 Hezbollah Missile Launch Sites Detected in Civilian Areas, Highlighting Its 'Human Shield' Tactic in Lebanon

Hezbollah is continuing to bolster its cache of weapons by storing them in more urban, densely-populated locations throughout Lebanon, a new study has revealed.

According to a report released this week by the Israel-based Alma Center, 28 new depots have been determined, with the highest concentration in the capital city of Beirut, the Beqaa Valley, and southern Lebanon.

Most significantly, ALMA claims that the locations – which include command and control launch capabilities, bunkers and missile assembly lines – are disguised in routine civilian areas, nestled in and around hospitals, personal residences, golf clubs, offices, soccer fields, churches, schools, and restaurants.

It's a tactic deemed the "human shield," which has long been associated with Hezbollah's operating procedures. (Fox / VFI News)

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