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Runners Race to the Top of Mt. Hermon in Annual Challenge

The annual Hermon Challenge took off on Friday, with 450 runners participating in a race to the top of Mount Hermon.

The run boasts of "physical challenge, spectacular scenery, and challenging technical running," wrote Marathon Israel, which led the initiative along with the Hermon Site and the Golan Regional Council.

"The vision to hold a race at the Hermon site was born out of a desire to preserve the icons of the State of Israel, which are an integral part of our heritage here in the country," Ofer Padan, the CEO of Marathon Israel explained the race's inspiration.

"We decided to make a sports event that appeals to all sports lovers and to connect our values with the values of the place in a respectful and meaningful way for future generations as well," she said. (JPost / VFI News)

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