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Israel Faces More Iranian Cyber Attacks

Israel's National Cyber Directorate (INCD) chief Yigal Unna said last week that in April 2020 Israel faced a "synchronized and organized attack" targeting civilian water infrastructure. He said that when various chemicals are mixed with water in the wrong proportions - which could happen due to a hack - it "can be harmful and disastrous." The attack was "very directly aiming to cause damage in real life said ICS [Industrial Control Systems] controllers. This is the first time we can see something like that aiming to cause damage to real-life, not to data. It wasn't one or two controllers. It was a wide spectrum of attacks aiming specifically at energy and water, and the only reason it failed was our efforts, said INCD sources. We managed to mitigate it and overcome it, but I'm afraid it's only the sign of the first major attack of a new era, on humanitarian targets. The level of attacks will probably get more sophisticated and deadlier." (J.Post/VFI News)