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After Years of Delays, Jordan to Nix Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal with Israel, PA

Jordan has decided to cancel a highly touted joint project with Israel and the Palestinian Authority for a canal linking the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, after years of the plan stagnating, the Kan public broadcaster reported Thursday, June 17.

According to the report, Amman has decided to finally pull the plug on the joint pipeline, citing unnamed sources saying there was “no real Israeli desire” for the plan to go ahead.

After being talked about for years, an agreement on the canal was signed in 2013 to help to alleviate Jordan’s severe water shortage while helping replenish the fast-shrinking Dead Sea.

According to the plan, a desalination plant in Jordan would provide much-needed drinking water to the region while its leftover brine would be pumped north to the Dead Sea to replenish the fast-shrinking lake, while also producing green energy through the use of water turbines.

Instead, Jordan will reportedly focus on a potential internal project that will see water pumped from the Red Sea and desalinated at a facility in Aqaba. (TOI / VFI News)

“God we ask that you continue to supply Israel with the resources it needs.”