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MI5: Far-Right Extremism on the Rise, But Majority on Watch List are Islamists

Britain's top anti-terror officer Neil Basu has repeatedly said that right-wing extremism poses the fastest-growing terror threat to the UK. But while MI5's watchlist—a cumulative tally of all cases, both open and closed—has doubled to 43,000 this year, experts say nine-tenths of these are jihadis.

New separate statistics from the Home Office on terrorists in custody, also show that of 238 people held for terrorism in Great Britain, 183 were Islamist extremists while just 44 were far-right. It is an increase of just 11 people from the same period last year.

The numbers came a day after senior military and intelligence expert Colonel Richard Kemp told the MailOnline he believed the focus on far-right terror was a 'false emphasis'.

Both sets of figures emerged in the aftermath of the Reading terror attack, which killed three people and saw another trio seriously hurt. (Daily Mail / VFI News)

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