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Lie: Linking Murder In Minneapolis To Israel's Defense Against Terror

Some of those looking to exploit the tragedy in Minneapolis are attacking Jews. They are asserting that Jewish groups that have facilitated trips to Israel by American first responders and police are somehow responsible for killings of unarmed blacks by USA policeman. This is not only untrue, it's a classic example of an anti-Semitic blood libel since it seeks to blame Jews for crimes for which they bear no responsibility. The training Americans get in Israel actually focuses on the antithesis of stereotypical police brutality by seeking to promote community engagement and nonviolent policing that would make confrontations less likely. The mission of the Israel Defense Forces is to defend the people of Israel against foes which have not given them a day of peace in the 72-year history of the country. Its record in protecting civilian lives, including Palestinians who are used as human shields by terrorists, is unmatched. Inter-sectionalism is a thinly disguised form of anti-Semitism. It is vital that all decent people reject the attempts to smear Israel and its American friends by associating them with incidents like the Minneapolis murder. (JNS)

Intercessors, please pray for the protection of the Jewish communities being falsely linked and even blamed for the killing of George Floyd.