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Netanyahu Threatened With Assassination Attempts

On Monday 1 June 2020 PM Netanyahu announced that he had filed a police complaint concerning recent death threats made against him and his family. “A few days ago, I filed a complaint with the police about a series of threats to murder me and my family,” Netanyahu tweeted Monday. “Today, unfortunately, I had to file another complaint against a vile man who detailed how he intended to murder my family.” The tweet included a screenshot of one of the threats, which called for Netanyahu, his wife, and two sons to be beheaded, and then have their bodies hung from the balcony of the prime minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. “When will the media and the left, who do not stop for a moment trying to topple a right-wing prime minister, finally condemn the unruly and incessant incitement against me and against my family?” he also tweeted. Last month, left-wing activist Haim Shadmi was questioned under caution by police for allegedly threatening Netanyahu’s son, Yair. (VFI News)

During his time of political upheavals across Israel in the ongoing fight against coronavirus, pray for the safety of Israel's PM, his family, and other leaders in the newly formed and fragile Israel government.