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Everyone Entering Israel Must Now Self-Quarantine

PM Netanyahu announced early this week that anyone arriving in Israel must self-quarantine for 14 days due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus. Monday’s 9 March 2020 decision essentially shuts down tourism to Israel, as only non-citizens with a place to quarantine for 14 days will be allowed in the country. Many Israelis were also expected to cancel travel plans rather than face two weeks of quarantine when they return home. Also, on Monday, the Arkia airline said it was ending international flights immediately until further notice. Avi Nakash, an Arkia owner called the decision a death blow to Israeli aviation. "There is no more Israeli aviation - not Arkia, not El Al, not Israir,” said Nakash, referring to the national carrier and a second Israeli airline. Israir Airlines said it will end international charter flights from next week until the end of the month. The company said it will strive to bring all of its passengers who are still abroad - around 5,000 - back to the country by the end of the week. “Before Passover, there will be wide layoffs at the airport. We’re waiting for a miracle,” lamented Pinchas Idan, who heads the workers union. “This is a difficult time for the country’s tourism industry,” Israir added. (VFI News)

Pray for the hotel and tourism industry workers in Israel.  Many will be losing their livelihood for the foreseeable weeks ahead.  May there be channels of provision for all. Intercede for potent remedies and vaccines to be developed soon against the coronavirus and that the warmer spring and months will cause a great slack in the virus.