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Israeli Technology to Save Lives of Colombian Children

Two devices that extract drinking water from the air were donated by the State of Israel to schools in rural Colombia at the beginning of this week. The devices were installed in La Guajira, a state in northeastern Colombia, which for years has been suffering from a disastrous water crisis.

The donation marks a significant contribution to President Iván Duque’s “Guajira Azul” program, which includes initiatives that will bring fresh clean drinking water and basic sanitation to the area, and is part of a larger social initiative for the peninsula administered by Colombia’s Housing Ministry.

For centuries, the indigenous Wayuu population adapted to survive by planting crops fit to the region’s unique ecosystem. Seasonal rains have a large significance for the Wayuu, but over the past decade, they have become less frequent due to climate change. Prolonged droughts and rising temperatures in recent years have disrupted long-standing Wayuu planting practices and left the land with the largest amount of desertification in the country. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we thank you for the blessings you enable Israel to bestow upon other nations.”