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COVID-19: Flights from US Already Full after Partial Reopening of Skies

With Israel getting ready to partially reopen the skies on Sunday, flights to the United States are quite full for the next two weeks, said Ziontours Jerusalem CEO Mark Feldman.

“What is happening now is something I have never seen before. Israelis are booking flights to leave next week, and they don’t care about coming back for Israel’s March 23 elections at all,” Feldman said. “All other years, Israelis have felt that they had a patriotic duty to wait until after the elections before leaving for the Passover holiday, but this year, I am hearing clients from both sides of the political spectrum say ‘Enough! I don’t care anymore.’”

Israel will be going back to the ballots for the fourth time in two years in what seems to many to be an endless cycle of political deadlock. Many are also eager to finally travel after more than a year of limited opportunities to fly, capped by the country’s recent airport closure, which has left countless individuals stranded and unable to see loved ones. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you continue to watch over and keep safe those that must travel in this still-heightened time of risk.”