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Israeli Schools Prepare For Missile Attacks

On Tue. 3 March 2020 sirens went off in schools across the country as part of the Home Front Command's ongoing program to test preparedness for emergency scenarios, specifically for missile attacks. The exercise was held at 10:05, during recess, in order to test the ability of students to reach a protected space as quickly and efficiently as possible from locations around the school premises, rather than from individual classrooms. It also aimed to highlight the level of preparedness of the teachers in a missile attack scenario and enable an assessment of the suitability of the protected spaces, which are required to be regularly maintained. This particular exercise was preceded by extensive preparations in the various educational institutions, with instructors from the Home Front Command visiting schools in order to give teachers and students guidance on how best to respond in emergencies. A total of 2,354,000 students took part in the exercise. Of these students, 1,831,000 are elementary and high school students and 523,000 are preschoolers. In addition, 201,000 teachers took part in the exercise. The results of the exercise will be collated and then published ranking the local authorities according to their level of preparedness to meet the demands of an emergency situation in their schools. (VFI News)