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Canada's Anti-Semitic Violence Increases by 27% In 2019

The coronavirus is only making Jew-hatred worse, according to Ran Ukashi, the director of the B’nai Brith League for Human Rights. Ukashi spoke of “utterly false” notions that Israel developed the COVID-19 virus to boost the pharmaceutical industry and that Orthodox Jews are deliberately spreading the virus. “That’s the nature of the anti-Semitic activity that we are hearing regarding the alleged culpability of Jews in COVID-19,” B’nai Brith CEO Michael Mostyn said. Canada has experienced a record number of anti-Semitic incidents for the fourth straight year - and they’re becoming more violent. According to the annual audit by B’nai Brith Canada, the 2,206 reported incidents in 2019 represented an 8% increase over the previous year. The Jewish community remained the most targeted religious minority in Canada. Violent incidents in 2019 rose by 27%. They included Hasidic children sprayed with tar by construction workers in Montreal and Toronto-area Orthodox Jews being assaulted. (VFI News)

Pray against anti-Semitic lies that spring up given any opportunity. Whether it be diseases, troubled finances, wars, or bazaar religious rights - slander has always been the first tool used in any fresh outbreak of hatred on the part of those who want to see God's people removed from the earth. Pray for the protection of the Canadian Jewish community.