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Israel: Just A Few Coronavirus Cases After Lockdown Eased

Last weekend hundreds of thousands of Israelis visited beaches, parks, and the countryside after the lockdown was eased significantly. The Ministry of Health reported Monday morning 11 May that there were 16,458 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Israel, representing a rise of just 14 since the previous morning. The number of people in Israel who have recovered from the disease is 11,384. Fatalities now number 248, with one additional fatality in the past twenty-four hours. Out of 4,826 current cases, 74 are severely ill, 65 of them on ventilators, and 52 are moderately ill with the remainder having only mild symptoms. The Ministry of Health, which had wanted a slower loosening of the lockdown, will be closely monitoring whether the end of lockdown will result in a spike in new cases in the next week or two. (VFI News)

Continue to pray that the Land of Israel will be cleansed from coronavirus and that those still ill with it will be healed. Pray also that things will not just return to "life as usual" but that lessons learned and prayers prayed during this time of crisis will be remembered and adhered to.