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Israel Prepares To Build Its First Vaccine Factory

In a small southern town called Yeruham, the city is preparing to open Israel's first vaccine production facility, in partnership with the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) the announcement came after a meeting Sunday 3 May 2020 between the heads of the IIBR, Yeruham local council, and the CEO of an international pharmaceutical company. A model was presented that would allow for the quick establishment of such a facility if approved by the Israeli government. The announcement came on the heels of what Defense Minister Naftali Bennett called a major breakthrough by IIBR in the development of a COVID-19 antibody that attacks the virus, neutralizes it, marking the end of the development phase for the passive vaccine of the virus. The facility can reportedly be built in the very near future, even before IIBR completes full development and approvals for its vaccine, which it predicts will be in early 2021. According to the model, tens of millions of vaccine units, of various types, will be manufactured in Yeruham, which will ensure Israeli self-sufficiency during both regular routine and in cases of pandemics. (VFI News)

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