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Water Authority Prepares to Open Degania Dam amid High Hopes for Kinneret

The Water Authority is preparing for the possibility that it may need to open the Degania Dam for the first time in 25 years as the Kinneret remains high after two years of especially rainy winters.

If the rainfall in the coming winter exceeds 90% of the perennial average, then the dam will need to be opened.

The hydrological service's forecasts predict that the coming winter will have slightly lower rainfall than the perennial average, but the Kinneret is already just a little less than 1.2 meters below the upper red line which marks a full lake, due to the last two rainy winters. The Water Authority, therefore, believes that there is a likelihood that the Kinneret will fill up this winter and that the Degania Dam will need to be opened.

The opening of the dam will likely take place around April 2021 if the water level rises high enough. (JPost / VFI News)

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