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Merkel: “Never Remain Silent” on Anti-Semitism

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday spoke of her "shame" over rising anti-Semitism in Germany as the Jewish community warned the coronavirus was acting as a "catalyst" stirring up anti-Jewish hatred.

"It is true that racism and anti-Semitism never disappeared. But for some time now they have been more visible and uninhibited," Merkel said

"It is a disgrace and a source of deep shame for me to see the expressions of racism and anti-Semitism in our country in these times," Merkel said, calling on German citizens to "never remain silent" over the phenomenon.

The German government's anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein had warned in April that hatred against Jews was spreading in Germany along with the new coronavirus.

He cited conspiracy theories circulating online such as false claims that the pandemic was the result of a failed bioweapon test by the Israeli secret service.

Anti-Semitic crimes have increased steadily in Germany in recent years with 2,032 anti-Semitic offenses recorded in 2019, up 13 percent on the previous year. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you expose the evil of antisemitism for what it really is—and that you would inspire love, healing, and understanding to all who would otherwise sow hatred.”