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Israel's Green Pass Madness & Israeli Airstrikes Chemical Weapons in Syria - VFI News Dec 17th, 2021

Israel's green pass madness, Israeli irstrikes chemical weapons in Syria, and more!

Barry's got a lot to say about all this madness!

#iran #greenpass #israelcovid #nuclearweapon #engineers

  • 00:59 - Israeli researchers succeed in engineering outer ear for implanting in children with birth defects
  • 01:57 - Israeli who lost both hands at age 13 takes Gold at Para-Taekwondo Championships
  • 02:57 - New Synagogue discovered at Migdal
  • 03:45 - Green pass requirements in malls in Israel
  • 04:51 - IAEA warning to the world about Iran
  • 0612 - Israeli airstrikes on chemical weapons facilities in Syri

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