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In Yemen, Muslim Community Honors One of the Last Remaining Jews with Respectful Burial

Yahya Ben Youssef, one of Yemen’s last remaining Jews, passed away on Thursday, June 13, and was laid to rest by his Muslim neighbors in the village of Madar, north of the capital Sanaa.

Videos of the funeral were shared on the Yemeni Jews’ Facebook page, which said, “This was an act of unity and respect from the local Muslim community, who buried one of the six remaining Jews in the country.”

The post highlighted that there were no longer enough Jews in Yemen to perform the funeral or recite the Kaddish prayer, so his neighbors volunteered to ensure he received an honorable Jewish sendoff.

“This moment signifies the power of humanity and compassion that transcends religious boundaries, especially in these trying times,” the post read.

Ben Youssef, who was claimed to be over 100 years old, had refused offers to immigrate to Israel, where some of his relatives live, despite facing harassment from the Houthis due to his dedication to his Jewish roots. (YNet / VFI News)

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” - Psalm 133:1