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The Iron Swords War

Cost of War: 1,468 Dead, Tens of Thousands of Victims of Terrorist Acts

The Iron Swords War, ignited by Hamas’s brutal massacre on October 7, has claimed the lives of 1,468 people in Israel to date, the majority on the day it erupted. These war figures underscore the profound impact on Israel in the 150 days since its onset.

According to data from Israeli media, the war has so far claimed the lives of 839 civilians, including 36 children under 18 years old—among them a ten-month-old infant, seven aged between two to nine years, and 29 teenagers between 10 to 17 years old. Additionally, 629 security and rescue personnel have perished in the war, 586 of them IDF soldiers.

The National Insurance Institute reports that 61,942 individuals have been victims of terrorist acts. The age breakdown of these victims includes 3,557 aged 0-3 years, 3,726 aged 3-6 years, 8,659 aged 6-14 years, 3,586 aged 14-18 years, and 42,414 aged 18 years and older.

These individuals have suffered physical and/or psychological injuries and are recognized as victims of hostility and terror. Notably, around 20,000 victims of these hostile acts are under the age of 20.

Meanwhile, in an interview posted on Monday, March 4, a Hamas political official, Basim Naim, told British media that the organization cannot give Israel a list of the living hostages because it does not know who is alive and where all the hostages are.

He added that the hostages “are in different areas with different groups and therefore we have called for a ceasefire to be able to collect the data.” (YNet / VFI News)

“God, we pray for all Israelis and foreigners who have suffered greatly at the hands of Hamas, and we hope that their physical and mental health will be fully restored soon. We also pray for all the families who have lost their loved ones during the ongoing war and we humbly ask that You provide them with Your peace that transcends all understanding. We hope and continually pray for an end to all the hostilities, as well as the immediate release of all remaining hostages.”

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