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George Galloway

George Galloway is Sworn in to Parliament - Before Immediately Comparing Israel to the Nazis

George Galloway likened Israel to Nazi Germany, suggesting the country was committing a ‘holocaust’ in Gaza after taking his seat as Rochdale MP.

In a highly inflammatory Westminster press conference conducted after taking his seat, Mr. Galloway said that the Palestinians were the victims of a ‘genocide’ at the hands of the Israeli military.

He also refused to condemn Hamas, saying they had been chosen by the people of Gaza in an election. After winning his seat by running on a pro-Palestinian platform he said “The next election will be about Muslims.”

He defended his views by telling reporters: “If the by-election had been in February of 1940 or ‘41, would anyone seriously have condemned me for putting the crimes of the Holocaust at the center of my election campaign?”

And in the wide-ranging session Mr. Galloway, a former presenter on now-banned Russian media, refused to back Britain’s support for Ukraine against Russia. (DM / VFI News)

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