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Parents of Supernova Festival Victims Sue AP and Reuters for NIS 25 Million in Damages

The parents of five victims of the Supernova Festival massacre on October 7 have filed a civil suit for damages against The Associated Press and Reuters news agencies due to what they allege was the involvement of photojournalists employed or utilized by those agencies in the Hamas atrocities of that day.

The parents of May Naim, Lotan Abir, Guy Gabriel, Shalev Madmoni, and Shani Louk filed the lawsuit in the Jerusalem District Court, seeking some NIS 25 million ($6.5 million) in damages for their pain and suffering and other losses resulting from the murder of their children.

The lawsuit filed by the victims’ parents last week alleges that five photojournalists, Hassan Abdel Fattah Eslaiah, Hatem Ali, Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa, Ashraf Amra, and Ali Mahmoud, who filed photographs in real time of the atrocities being perpetrated by Hamas terrorists, were in fact a component of the attacks themselves, and were not conducting legitimate journalistic work.

The journalists were either aware ahead of time that a mass invasion and terror attack was about to be staged by Hamas or, being present from the very outset of the attacks, were culpable for doing nothing to stop the assault, including failing to warn the Israeli authorities, the suit asserts.

Since AP and Reuters posted the photos they received from these journalists as the attacks unfolded, in some cases giving only the agency’s name as a photo credit, and continuing to make the pictures available for sale on their websites, they have culpability in the death of the plaintiffs’ children, the suit maintains. (TOI / VFI News)

“It is not good to be partial to the wicked and so deprive the innocent of justice.” - Proverbs 18:5