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The leaders of Finland's four governing parties presented the anti-racism statement at a press conference

Finland to Ban Holocaust Denial

Finland's government on Thursday, August 31, outlined a plan to fight racism that includes a ban on denying the Holocaust, media reported. The move comes after the coalition cabinet was twice rocked by scandals.

"Every government minister renounces racism and commits to actively work against it," Prime Minister Petteri Orpo was quoted as having said at a press conference. As part of the new plan, the government will seek to criminalize Holocaust denial and explore the possibility of banning the use of Nazi and Communist symbols.

The move comes after Finance Minister Riikka Purra, leader of the far-right Finns Party, apologized following the emergence of years-old racist comments by her online, leading to condemnation from cabinet colleagues.

In June, another Finns Party minister, Vilhelm Junnila, announced his resignation after only 10 days in office following an uproar over pro-Nazi remarks. During his election campaign, Junnila had joked about the election candidate number 88 being a reference to "Heil Hitler", because 'H' is the eighth letter in the alphabet.

With the new plan, Finland joins other countries that have outlawed Holocaust denial, including Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, and Switzerland, among others. Thursday’s announcement by Finland was welcomed by World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder. (INN / VFI News)

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