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John Kirby

Iran’s Attack on Israel Shines Spotlight on Tehran’s Advancing Nuclear Weapons Program

With all eyes focused on a brewing war between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the state of Tehran’s illicit nuclear weapons program has come under the microscope.

Iran’s sprawling aerial attack, with over 300 suicide drones and missiles on Israel has raised pressing new questions about the Islamic Republic’s capability to fire a nuclear weapon at the Jewish state.

On Sunday, April 14, after rejecting calls that the Biden administration was too soft on Tehran, the White House National Security Communication spokesperson, John Kirby told American media that “Iran is so much dramatically closer to a potential nuclear weapon capability than they were before Mr. Trump was elected.”

David Albright, a physicist who is the founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, D.C., told the news agency that “Iran would need a year or more to build a semi-reliable warhead for a ballistic missile and about two years to reconstitute the Amad Plan so as to be able to serially produce reliable warheads for ballistic missiles, i.e., have a fully developed nuclear weapons production complex.”

Albright warned that “Iran can make a crude nuclear explosive in about six months, able to be tested underground or delivered by truck, ship or cargo plane. This accomplishment would be enough to establish Iran as a nuclear weapons power.” (FN / VFI News)

“God, we pray for a de-escalation of the conflicts with Iran and we ask that You prevent it from enriching its uranium even further, as well as from creating nuclear weapons of mass destruction. May You protect all citizens of this world from nuclear terror and may You shield us from Iran according to Your Will in Heaven.”