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National flags flutter on military vehicles near Manbij, Syria

Syrian Airbase Hit by Alleged Israeli Airstrike Used by Russian Military

Two Syrian soldiers were killed and three others were injured in alleged Israeli airstrikes that hit the Shayrat airbase southeast of Homs on Sunday evening, November 13, according to Syrian state media. The airbase is frequently used by Russian forces stationed in the country.

The airstrikes were conducted from over Lebanese airspace in northern Lebanon, according to the same media. Syrian journalist Nour Abo Hasan reported that the airstrikes targeted a shipment of weapons intended for Hezbollah which was on its way to Lebanon near the airport.

The last Israeli airstrikes to target Syria were reported on October 27, when alleged Israeli airstrikes targeted sites in the Damascus area. Two additional waves of airstrikes targeted the Damascus area in the days preceding those strikes.

The runway and underground facilities at Shayrat, including aircraft shelters, have undergone a major expansion by the Russian military in the last three years, the military source said. Russia, which maintains a major military presence in Syria, has forces stationed near Shayrat air base and uses the base, security sources say. (JPost / VFI News)