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Jewish Students at the University of Texas Say Escalating Antisemitism Is Spiraling into Pure 'Jew Hatred'

As students chanted “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” Jewish students spoke with American media about the antisemitism and extreme anger they experienced on campus during last week’s protests.

Hundreds of protesters gathered on campus at the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday, May 1, to participate in an unruly anti-Israel protest that included “significant participation by outside groups,” according to a statement from the school.

Nearly 60 people were arrested, but criminal charges were dropped against 46 of the 57 protesters. UT Austin joined universities like Columbia and Yale, as well as the University of Southern California, where anti-Israel protests have made headlines in recent days.

UT Austin said the protest was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Committee, which it said seeks to “paralyze the operations of universities across the country.” Amid the protest, an anti-Israel student could be heard telling a Jewish student, “F--- you Zion Nazi b----,” and multiple students told American media that they had been approached and told to “go back to Germany.”

Other chants like “APD, KKK, IDF / they’re all the same,” were also heard, comparing the Austin Police Department and Israeli Defense Forces to the KKK. Levi, a Jewish student who wore a kippah and an Israeli flag tied over his shoulders, told media that the protest was made up of “pro-Hamas” individuals, but expressed his gratitude to law enforcement for making sure everybody remained “relatively peaceful.” (FN / VFI News)

“The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, He hates with a passion.” - Psalm 11:5