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An operational Iron Dome battery is seen amid barrages of rockets on Israel's South during Operation Shield and Arrow

Iron Dome Shoots Down Drones over Gaza Twice in 24 Hours

The Iron Dome was activated on Monday morning, August 21, and fired at an unmanned drone flying over Gaza, according to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

The aircraft did not cross into Israeli territory and from the moment it took off, IAF systems monitored the drone throughout the incident, the IDF stated a while later.

The drone did not pose an immediate threat to civilians in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, and therefore no alerts were activated.

Israel's Iron Dome was activated near the Gaza border on Sunday morning as well, in response to a drone heading toward Israel from Gaza, according to the IDF.

Israel's Air Force followed its route and used the Iron Dome to intercept the drone, which according to the IDF also did not pose a threat to Israeli citizens near the Gaza border and therefore did not trigger any national alerts. (JPost / VFI News)

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