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Spotify Removes Hateful Content that Incites Violence Against Jews

Music streaming platform Spotify has removed content that incites “hatred and violence against Jews and Israel” after pressure from a pro-Israel advocacy group.

Songs taken off the service include “Arabic Katyusha,” “The Death of Israel” and “Udrub Udrub Tel Abib,” which incite violence against Jews using antisemitic lyrics, Jewish media reported.

The song’s hateful language includes the lyrics: “Strike a blow at Tel Aviv and frighten the Zionists. The more you build it the more we will destroy it”, “All we want is to strike Tel Aviv”, “Oh you settler, with your sidelocks, in your shelter you cower with fear”, “Strike, oh Qassam missile, do not let the Zionists sleep. Even if they beg for mercy – be sure not to show Tel Aviv any mercy”, and “Oh Fajr missile, explode in the Knesset and the army base.”

The successful campaign to convince the streaming platform to remove the content was organized by the We Believe In Israel (WBII) Jewish advocacy organization.

WBII’s campaign called for Spotify to take down “dozens of instances of problematic material,” including Lowkey’s “Long Live Palestine – Part 2 rap,” which includes references to having “globalized the intifada” and claims to have “studied the Torah and learnt by their own admission Israel’s actions are not kosher in their own religion.”. (TOI / VFI News)