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An aid truck arrives at a United Nations storage facility in Gaza

Hamas Gunmen Target Palestinian Civilians — from the Top of Aid Trucks

Hamas terrorists could be seen in recent videos riding on top of humanitarian aid trucks as they were driving into Gaza, fully armed, and pointing their weapons at civilians in the street below.

Reports in recent weeks have raised widespread concern that those aid trucks — which are supposed to be delivering food, medicines, and other supplies to civilians — were at risk of being confiscated by Hamas and never being delivered to the citizens of Gaza.

“Hamas gunmen on top of aid trucks that have entered the Gaza Strip shoot at Palestinian civilians,” Joe Truzman, a “research analyst focusing on Palestinian armed groups and non-state actors in the Middle East,” captioned the video he posted on X.

UNRWA, the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees, called for additional aid to Gaza on Monday, December 11, saying, “Too many people haven’t eaten now for two, three days in the #GazaStrip @UNRWA colleagues are doing everything they can with what little they have – but food, water, and fuel are being systematically used as weapons of war in #Gaza. Hunger stalks everyone.”

Other reports have shown that when civilians attempt to rush the aid trucks — in an effort to get food and water before Hamas terrorists have the chance to steal it — gunmen open fire on them.

In this context, and amid persistent accusations that the UNRWA glorifies terror against Israel, the lower house of the Swiss parliament has voted to cancel the funding it provides the organization. The decision made Tuesday sees Switzerland move to cut some $21 million in annual funding from the United Nations Relief Works Agency. Switzerland was the ninth-biggest donor. (DW / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the innocent civilians in Gaza who are exploited daily by terrorists and are being denied food and basic necessities. We pray that You would free them from Hamas and other terror groups and that the provisions that are meant for them will reach them quickly. We pray for peace in Israel and that every innocent citizen will be taken care of and prosper.”