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Dr. Vladimir Vasilchenko (Photo: Shamir Medical Center)

Israel Transplants Miniature Pacemakers in Patients

The first implants of the new generation Micra AV-2 miniature and innovative heart pacemakers were performed at the Shamir Medical Center on patients who required an artificial cardiac pacemaker.

This is a new generation of heart pacemakers similar to the one implanted in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a year ago. The implantation of the new pacemaker at Sheba was performed in a procedure that took half an hour and was successful with excellent clinical outcomes and without incisions or scars.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Vladimir Vasilchenko, a senior cardiologist with extensive experience in advanced pacemaker implantation. “The advantage of the new generation of miniature heart pacemakers lies in better performance and lower risks compared to traditional pacemakers,” he explained.

“You no longer need to put anything under the skin that sticks out and you can see it or thread electrodes into the veins. This solution minimizes the need to put the patients through a very cumbersome system and instead uses an elegant and simpler system that does not circulate in the blood vessels and this is the great advantage,” explains Professor Elad Anter, head of the Arrhythmia Institute at the Shamir Medical Center.

At Sheba Medical Center, the surgery was led by Professor Roy Beinart, director of the Davidai Arrhythmia Center, on a 34-year-old patient born with a rare heart defect. She underwent complex surgery to alleviate her condition and afterward required the tiny pacemaker implantation due to her unique heart structure, which posed a relatively high risk of infection following the surgery.

The new generation heart pacemaker, Micra AV-2, developed by Medtronic, is the smallest in the world, designed to synchronize the heart's electrical activity by sending electrical pulses to the right ventricle. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we thank You for gifting us scientists and doctors who provide solutions for some of the most common and significant medical problems. We are extremely grateful for them and we ask that You continue to bless them with new ideas and innovations.”

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