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Hamas Leader Sinwar

Intelligence Sources Confirm that Sinwar Has Left His Tunnel

Intelligence sources have confirmed reports that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has left his hiding spot and walked the streets of Gaza, according to the Hostage Families Forum. The forum added that “his leaving the depths of the tunnels, where the hostages still are, is the picture of Israeli failure, whether it was photographed or not.”

The statement comes after a Hamas official told London-based Arabic media that Sinwar walked the streets of Gaza. “He is not cut off, rather he does his job as the leader of the movement on the ground.”

The official added: “Recently he visited areas where there were battles between the resistance and the occupation forces, and met fighters from the movement above ground and not in the tunnels.” According to the official, whose name was not published, the Israeli reports that Hamas only offered to release 20 hostages are incorrect.

He also stated that while it’s not possible to “accurately determine the number of living hostages,” it is “certain” that the number is higher than the number being cited in some media reports.

The official claimed that Hamas has about 30 IDF and Shin Bet officers and that these hostages are being kept in “highly secured places, far from the hands of the occupation, and it is impossible to reach them under any circumstances.” (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for all the hostages who are being held captive by Hamas for more than 6 months and we hope that they are all alive. We pray for their immediate return and reunion with their loving families in Yeshua’s name. Our Father, we know that You are faithful and that You never forsake Your children, so we take courage and trust that You hear our prayers and are taking care of the hostages.”