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Israel to Extend Water Agreement with Jordan

Following Jordan’s involvement in the Western coalition’s efforts to intercept all missiles and drones fired from Iran toward Israel, it appears Israel has decided to reciprocate; Energy Minister Eli Cohen is widely expected to extend the Jordanian-Israeli water agreement for an additional year.

Extending the agreement has been a contentious issue for quite some time, especially as Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi has repeatedly made anti-Israeli comments and co-sponsored South Africa’s legal action against Israel in the International Court of Justice.

Originally, Jordan asked for a five-year extension of the agreement. Following Israel’s hesitation, the Hashemite Kingdom softened its request, asking for a one-year extension.

Due to the country’s severe water crisis, Jordan has quite a bit invested in this agreement. It is a land-locked country with few water sources besides the Jordan River, an issue that also compromises the nation’s overall economic output.

The Jordan-Israel peace accord stipulates that Israel transfers 50 million cubic feet of water annually. In the summer of 2021, then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided to double the amount to 100 million. As it seems, a one-year extension will be granted following Jordan’s help with the Iranian threat. (YNet / VFI News)

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