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IDF troops drill alongside US Marines as part of Juniper Cobra

IDF Postpones Juniper Cobra Amid Russian, Iranian Tensions

The Israeli military has postponed the upcoming missile-defense Juniper Cobra drill that was set to take part in March.

“The international Juniper Cobra exercise by the IDF and the United States Army that was scheduled to take place in March has been postponed due to a variety of considerations and will take place at a later date, which will be announced later,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit wrote on Twitter.

“The IDF appreciates the close cooperation with the US Army and looks forward to joint training in the future,” it added.

The exercise was to have simulated a scenario in which American forces will be deployed to Israel in order to work alongside the IDF’s Air Defense Force and practice a variety of possible scenarios of missile threats in various sectors.

While the IDF refused to expand on why this year’s drill was postponed, the announcement comes as the US military has increased its troop presence in Ukraine amid increased tensions with Russia. (JPost / VFI News)

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