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Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus & President Isaac Herzog visits a Mosque

President Isaac Herzog visits Mosque in Abu Dhabi & Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus, join Barry in this video to hear more about it.

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  • 00:25 - President Isaac Herzog visits Mosque in Abu Dhabi
  • 02:28 - President Isaac Herzog opens Israel’s National day at Dubai Expo
  • 04:13 - Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus
  • 05:23 - Iranian Forces crackdown on teachers
  • 06:33 - Steep Global wildlife decline may be worse than first feared Israeli Study finds
  • 08:31 - Israel’s gas, electricity, and good prices climb as Consumer Price index jumps
  • 10:27 - Neo Nazi rally in Florida shout “The Jew is the devil”
  • 12:12 - Israeli tech firms have much to lose from Ukraine Russian conflict

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