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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak at a Fourth of July event at the US embassy in Jerusalem

Israel Informed US Before ‘Unavoidable’ IDF Action in Jenin

The Israeli government informed the US of its plan to enter Jenin, a senior diplomatic source said on Monday, July 3. Jerusalem told Washington about 10 days ago that it plans to try to root out terrorism from the West Bank city, without saying when it would do so or providing further specific details, the Israeli source said.

“We said that security officials think that we cannot avoid entering Jenin, though we had not yet made an exact decision of how and when we would do it,” the source stated. “We said we would enter for a focused action when we have enough intelligence.”

American interlocutors understood the necessity of the actions, according to the source, who compared it to the US Army fighting ISIS in Iraq or Syria: “Sometimes, you know you can’t wait.”

The source argued that Israel put off the action for two years, but it became necessary: “We tried to avoid it and made an effort to stop the terrorist cells when they got out of the [Jenin refugee] camp. We hoped the Palestinian Authority would take responsibility, but they didn’t.”

“What the Americans care about is stability and de-escalation, and they know, like we do, that the terrorists want to destabilize and escalate,” he stated. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad have each transferred millions of shekels to their cells in Jenin during 2023. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we are grateful for our understanding and strong allies, as well as the unison within Israeli leadership. We pray that terrorists will realize Israel’s strength and will not attempt further vindictive attacks that could compromise the safety of all citizens that reside in our region.”