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Hundreds of families take part in the annual Katzrin and Golan nature walk in different trails of the Katzrin forest, during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot

Record 1.5 Million Israelis Visited National Parks During Sukkot Break

A record-breaking number of Israelis flocked to the country’s national parks over the weeklong Sukkot holiday, according to official data.

The Nature and Parks Authority reported Monday, October 17, that approximately 1.5 million Israelis visited national parks and nature reserves over the past week, a 22 percent rise compared to Sukkot last year.

The most popular sites were Caesarea National Park, which saw 44,000 visitors, followed by the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, which attracted 35,000 people, and Masada National Park, which drew 32,000 visitors.

Heritage sites like Masada and other ancient forts, including Yehiam and Apollonia, saw a particular increase in visitor interest.

The head of the Nature and Parks Authority, Raya Shourky, said it partnered with the Tourism Ministry and Mifal HaPayis, Israel’s national lottery, to provide extra activities for visitors at the sites during the Sukkot break. The most visible initiative provided was “Breathing Culture,” which included organized jugglers, singers, musicians and actors to entertain tourists at the parks. (TOI / VFI News)

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