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Nuclear mushroom cloud

A Cure for Nuclear Radiation May Be Available Soon

A nuclear attack might be one of the biggest and scariest threats facing humanity, and will probably stay that way for the coming year. Even so, in the US, a medical experiment was recently carried out that aims to prevent the harmful effects of radiation on the body in the case of a nuclear attack.

Possibilities of prevention and treatment of radiation damage are very limited today, so a drug that can efficiently remove radioactive contamination from the body would be a milestone in the defense against a poison that until today, is thought to be unstoppable.

HOPO 14-1 is an experimental medicine that might, if the experiment succeeds, protect and treat victims of nuclear fallout by binding (which is also called chelating) and expelling contaminated heavy metals from the body.

It is supposed to be effective against uranium and other substances that are used in nuclear weapons, like "dirty bombs" (conventional bombs with added nuclear waste or radioactive substances) or ballistic missiles. The medicine might also be effective against lead poisoning.

The first clinical trial on humans will include 42 participants, who will be treated with various doses to determine the safety of the medicine. The results will be published in 2024. As of now, HOPO 14-1 doesn't have FDA approval and isn't available even in an emergency. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we thank You for not only protecting us from nuclear radiation but also assisting us in finding a cure in case there is a nuclear war. We are grateful for the tireless scientists that consistently make invaluable contributions and strive to end human suffering.”